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Clacy Vogt has arrived!

The countdown is over, Clacy Vogt is here! Read about our local bee keeper, how honey is produced, and the relationship between bees and our open Places!


Marion Bartle, Gale Boville, and Gary Hauer featured in “Open Places of Generations Past”

I have posted another article about a farming family from a generation passed. This farm currently rests on Union, near the intersection with Morgan.

Open Places That Once Were

I am dedicating a page to research I conducted on an agrarian culture that can be no longer found today. These interviews are the voices of those who have worked the land in a open Chili, and have seen the loss of a familiar landscape. (For instance, did you know that sweet corn flourished in the land currently occupied by Wegmans?)

I promised…George Hauslauer has arrived!

I have posted an article about Mr. George Hauslauer. I hope you find the time to appreciate his sentiments, and to share your own thoughts! This is a blog after all!

A horse stable in Chili? Where?

Read about Evergreen Stables, operated by Barbara Kiser and Jennifer Bailey! Open Places are not always field crops…

Open Space Inventory Meeting This Thursday

For those who are interested or concerned about Chili’s open places: There is a meeting this Thursday (the 19th) about the Open Space Inventory, a project that Chili and Bergmann Associates have been developing for the past year. Both parties have taken a closer look at our open spaces (agriculture, parkland, natural corridors, undeveloped areas), and they are presenting their research in great detail. The research will be used for a “Open Space Inventory Report”, a comprehensive evaluation that will be integrated into Chili’s 2030 Master Plan. Thus, this meeting will be fairly important in regards to the future of our open spaces.

This meeting is considered as a “working meeting”, a few steps down from a public referendum. However, there will be time for questions and comment.


Who? Town of Chili Conservation Board, Bergmann Associates

What? Working meeting discussing inventory

Where? Ireland meeting room, Chili Library

When? August 19th, 6:30 pm.

Tom Swain and Ford Farm Market

I just published an article about Tom Swain and his pumpkins!

If you have not read previous posts, I have completed a display at the Chili library about the active farmers in Chili. They do not include the detail that these articles present, but you will get a cursory look at most of our farmers.

There are more articles on the way!

Farms Showcased at Chili Library

Presently, I am crafting a display at the Chili Library dedicated to all of the active farms in town. I am combining pictures with succinct bits of information to catch the attention of library patrons. There are six posters up currently, and the rest will be up soon (the display case is located in the breezeway leading to the inside of the library). Let me know what you think!

Site is expanding…at a modest pace

Since this project is a one-man operation, please forgive the modest pace at which this site develops. In the next month, I hope to publish articles about all of the farms and open places I have visited (around 20).