Monthly Archives: September 2010

A Photographic Survey of Chili’s Past

So…I ran into some writers block. I could not complete my article on Joyce, Bud, and Steve Krenzer on time. Instead, I created a page dedicated to historical photos I have gathered from multiple sources. Please enjoy!



Janet Graham and her Herefords have arrived! Read about grass-fed beef and where you can purchase grass-fed beef!

The deadline of 9/13 (as I described earlier in Janet’s page) was my goal, and I barely made it! Ironically, Janet’s page has received the most views, and I had yet to even write an article! I guess grass-fed beef is popular in Chili! So go ahead, learn a thing or two about Graham Farms and Hereford cattle! Let me know what you think!

Thank you for your patience.


Share Your Experiences with Open Place!

I think I have prattled on too much…I need to hear some new voices, some new stories! This site has received almost 1000 views to date, and I am willing to bet that at least one out of that one thousand has a intimate relationship with some Place that I have yet to explore. Aside from farms, Chili boasts scenic parks, a wandering watershed, and historical Places. Feel free to share your stories, your thoughts, or your opinions! Click on the link “Your Open Places” to share stories and photos! I look forward to your contribution!