Monthly Archives: October 2010

Brookdale Preserve, Reed Road Bird Preserve featured in Places Without People

I added a couple more photo collections to the slide show in Places Without People. Let me know what you think!



Read about Harold Ford in Open Places of Generations Past!

I just published an article about Harold Ford, probably the oldest man I have interviewed. He once farmed the land that Tom Swain currently works for his Pumpkins, hence “Ford Farm Market”. Harold has many interesting observations about the change that has occurred in Chili, and I hope you take the time to appreciate his insights!




New Feature: Places Without People

I have posted a new page dedicated to Chili’s open Places that are generally left untouched by humans, places where Nature’s beauty exudes, where one can find the remaining primal fragments of early Chili. However, just like any other Open Place, these places are threatened by our growing populace. However, recognition can facilitate appreciation, and appreciation is the strongest agent in conservation. Enjoy Chili’s uninhabited Open Places!