Town of Chili Open Space Inventory

The Town of Chili and Bergmann Associates have been working together for the past year on a open space inventory for Chili. The draft inventory has been posted on the front page of the Town website, and they are looking for comments and suggestions. The draft is a very interesting document if you have the time to read it!



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  1. Chili open spaces … for what the supervisors newest church or the parks department’s newest boring event.

  2. Sam,

    I appreciate the time you took to visit my website, but I feel that your comment neglects the diversity of Chili’s open places, as well as the effort that has been dedicated to their preservation.

    I could not tell if you are in support of Chili’s open places or not, but over the past two years, Chili has been exceptionally progressive with open space preservation, this spirit imbued in the recent comprehensive master plan. Here is the link to the draft: When I read through the plan, I was impressed with the strong conservation oriented rhetoric, which will be essential to the preservation of our culture.

    A less arduous read is the Open Space Inventory, a comprehensive inventory of Chili’s open spaces, which includes farmland, parkland, wetlands, forests, and open lots. I attended a few meetings and spoke to several of the committee members and engineers as the inventory was conducted last summer, and I can tell you that Chili did not shirk with this initiative. If you type in “Chili Open Space Inventory” in google, you will find a PDF download for the document. It is worth the read!

    Yes, sometimes superficial politics can obscure the value of open places, but it is necessary to understand what the Town of Chili’s plans and actions thoroughly. This way, we can avoid generalities, and come a bit closer to the truth!

    All the best,


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