The Open Space Index is Complete!

It’s official folks! The Town of Chili has completed an Open Space Inventory, a comprehensive study of all the open spaces in the town, which includes vacant lots between houses to farm fields to forests and wetlands. The inventory process has taken a good part of two years, and in my opinion, it was worth it! The final edition of the inventory is quite impressive, giving a detailed perspective of Chili’s open space resources as well projections for the future of particular open areas. I am quite intrigued by the GIS generated maps, personally. The Open Space Inventory is the initial step for drafting an Open Space Masterplan, slated to be accomplished in the next few years. A draft of the Open Space Inventory can be downloaded off the Town’s website. It’s a good read!

Oh, I apologize for the lack of regular updates, I just returned from Kenya. It is a bit difficult to manage a blog in Africa! Expect new material soon! A big thanks to those who have been keeping tabs on my work!


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