Town of Chili Open Space Inventory

The Town of Chili and Bergmann Associates have been working together for the past year on a open space inventory for Chili. The draft inventory has been posted on the front page of the Town website, and they are looking for comments and suggestions. The draft is a very interesting document if you have the time to read it!



Brookdale Preserve, Reed Road Bird Preserve featured in Places Without People

I added a couple more photo collections to the slide show in Places Without People. Let me know what you think!


Read about Harold Ford in Open Places of Generations Past!

I just published an article about Harold Ford, probably the oldest man I have interviewed. He once farmed the land that Tom Swain currently works for his Pumpkins, hence “Ford Farm Market”. Harold has many interesting observations about the change that has occurred in Chili, and I hope you take the time to appreciate his insights!




New Feature: Places Without People

I have posted a new page dedicated to Chili’s open Places that are generally left untouched by humans, places where Nature’s beauty exudes, where one can find the remaining primal fragments of early Chili. However, just like any other Open Place, these places are threatened by our growing populace. However, recognition can facilitate appreciation, and appreciation is the strongest agent in conservation. Enjoy Chili’s uninhabited Open Places!

A Photographic Survey of Chili’s Past

So…I ran into some writers block. I could not complete my article on Joyce, Bud, and Steve Krenzer on time. Instead, I created a page dedicated to historical photos I have gathered from multiple sources. Please enjoy!


Janet Graham and her Herefords have arrived! Read about grass-fed beef and where you can purchase grass-fed beef!

The deadline of 9/13 (as I described earlier in Janet’s page) was my goal, and I barely made it! Ironically, Janet’s page has received the most views, and I had yet to even write an article! I guess grass-fed beef is popular in Chili! So go ahead, learn a thing or two about Graham Farms and Hereford cattle! Let me know what you think!

Thank you for your patience.


Share Your Experiences with Open Place!

I think I have prattled on too much…I need to hear some new voices, some new stories! This site has received almost 1000 views to date, and I am willing to bet that at least one out of that one thousand has a intimate relationship with some Place that I have yet to explore. Aside from farms, Chili boasts scenic parks, a wandering watershed, and historical Places. Feel free to share your stories, your thoughts, or your opinions! Click on the link “Your Open Places” to share stories and photos! I look forward to your contribution!

Clacy Vogt has arrived!

The countdown is over, Clacy Vogt is here! Read about our local bee keeper, how honey is produced, and the relationship between bees and our open Places!

Marion Bartle, Gale Boville, and Gary Hauer featured in “Open Places of Generations Past”

I have posted another article about a farming family from a generation passed. This farm currently rests on Union, near the intersection with Morgan.

Open Places That Once Were

I am dedicating a page to research I conducted on an agrarian culture that can be no longer found today. These interviews are the voices of those who have worked the land in a open Chili, and have seen the loss of a familiar landscape. (For instance, did you know that sweet corn flourished in the land currently occupied by Wegmans?)