Places Without People

Places Without People

Welcome to “Places Without People”! This page is dedicated to places around Chili that are not inhabited by humans — places where nature has a stronger presence than our creations. These places are limited, and declining due the town’s growth and development, and I hope this page reveals the treasures we may be losing. What would we be if these places disappeared?

Pfrengle Property (Entry is on Scottsville-Chili road, crossing the Black Creek).

Reed Road Bird Preserve (Entry is on either side of Reed Road South of Ballantyne intersection).

Brookdale Preserve (Entry is on Brook Road, parking lot near greenway).

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  1. You have some great pictures of the Pfrengle property. I knew Jerry Pfrengle very well and used to bow hunt that property when it still owned by him. Its a fantastic property and Jerry was very determined to keep it forever wild. I only wish he had given the property to the Genesee Land Trust!

    • Thanks Doug! I am appreciative that the land is still wild, and I hope the Town continues to do so! It is not a very well known piece of public property, mainly due to the lack of people-friendly-infrastructure such as paths, restrooms, and sports fields, but a piece of public land without those facilities is quite rare, which makes it inherently valuable. I feel that it has education potential as well as recreation potential, and I hope that in the future, this potential is realized. I am not sure how much of the property includes the Mill Creek, but after some exploration missions, I was overwhelmed by the amount of biodiversity packed into that area…beavers, flycatchers, turtles, etc. It certainly can be boasted as one of Chili’s hidden gems!

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