Spy Cam

Wetland fauna have the uncanny ability to avoid a human trudging noisily through the woods — not very helpful for the student who is attempting to visually capture unique wetland resources. And even if I attempted to become a better stalker, there are some creatures that dare not appear in daylight, thus increasing the difficulty of studying them. Aside from crawling around, scouring the soil for evidential tracks, technology has made it a bit easier to see what exactly is lurking in the woods, and when. Enter the “game camera”, a tool fondly used by hunters, scientists, and curious backyard naturalists. Instead of waiting out in a marsh for hours on end, miserably swatting mosquitoes and deer flies, this simple device acts as a second pair of eyes; never getting tired, or bothered by bugs. As part of my research and personal interest in wetland ecology, I am placing a “game camera” in various wetland locations to see what resides in this ecologically productive yet fragile resource. Enjoy!

June 28, 2011

Obviously, the doe was unaware of the camera. I wonder what happened after the flash went off...

A large buck with velvet on his antlers. Quite a trophy!


The camera captured this interesting creature. I could not identify it in my field guide, although the blank stare resembles a white-tailed deer. Let me get back to you on this one.

June 6, 2011

A button-buck unaware of his digital companion.

Undated, provided by Jon Dailey (see article in “hunting”)

Jon Dailey is not certain whether this is a coyote or a bobcat. The picture was taken in the Reed Road Preserve. The picture was taken at night, resulting in the white background.


A candid of turkey!

Undated, Reed Road Preserve

For the life of me, I could not understand what was in the picture until I adjusted the contrast, and discovered that a deer had poked its nose into the camera.


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