Retired Farmers

Retired Farmers

Unlike the other pages in this website, I am dedicating this page to Open Places that once were. To broaden our perception of Open Place, we need to transcend the present and establish a relationship with the generations removed. The past isn’t dead, nor is it buried — It is only shadowed by our desire to keep moving forward. However, to acquire a future of fulfillment, it is  essential to recognize the way things were, and what can be lost. Open Place is one thing we may lose if we fail to broaden our sights as we keep “progressing”. Let this page be a reminder of who we once were, and how our values have changed.


  1. Another great article Jon,
    Marion is such a sweet lady and Ralph was a great man, I remember when we were kids and we had our “farm” we would buy grain or straw or hay from Ralph and they went to church with our family so they were great friends with my parents.
    It is sad to see the farm now.

    • Thank you Mr. Woerner! I am surprised by the amount of traffic my site has received so far — mostly from Facebook. Where you close to their family at all? Feel free to write some stories of your own! I am trying to persuade people to contribute their own perceptions of Open Space.

  2. I think this is my favorite so far. Great quotes – I love how these people bounce off each other. Mrs. Bartle knows what she’s talking about; the vast majority of people here (myself included) could definitely use a butter-churning session or two.
    It looks fantastic- I like how you moved your premise article.

    • Interviewing three people at once was one of the most difficult challenges I encountered during my research. I had a hard time determining how to sit, who to face, who to address, etc. In addition, transcribing the interview was a bear as well. Thank you for your comment!

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