Monthly Archives: December 2010

Town Historian, Bonnie Moore, is preserving the voice of history!

Bonnie Moore, Chili’s Town historian, has taken on the task of interviewing individuals in our town who have witnessed the rapid evolution of our people and open places. There are two videos posted right now, Harold Ford and Bill Craw. I have interviewed these two individuals already (I wrote about Harold), but the videos we allow you to appreciate their personalities! Enjoy!


In addition, if you have any ideas or suggestions for this site, feel free to post them! This is a community-wide asset!


Town of Chili Open Space Inventory

The Town of Chili and Bergmann Associates have been working together for the past year on a open space inventory for Chili. The draft inventory has been posted on the front page of the Town website, and they are looking for comments and suggestions. The draft is a very interesting document if you have the time to read it!